The biosphere (from Greek βιος - life, σφαῖρα - sphere) is the shell of the Earth, which integrates all living beings and their relationships, resulted in their interaction products.


To the scientific point of view such determination mostly fully reflects the essence of the Earth nature in its space. And one of the main properties of it is Life.


The living substance makes the biosphere to look that unusual but simultaneously normal to us, as it is how we learned it. Being something very special and complex, it has the most diverse influence on the world around. The human being, the highest form of life, takes a special place inside the biosphere, converting the nature around and creating a material world of his own, inspired by world around.


This project is a try to create an alternative biosphere, such a kind of it, where the nature and the human being together with the created material world come together into a new and fancy cover. The usual and familiar things lose their natural look and acquire completely unexpected features. The living gives up their spirit, and the lifeless starts to breath, the whole world gets new destination and sense.


Pavel Shangin, 2010