Need to be loved

The Need to be loved project has been designed to draw attention to a problem of the modern women community, when the borderland between the passion for precious gifts and the love for the beloved gets erased.   

Some girls, spoiled by their wealthy parents and hedged round with care and attention of lavish fans and lovers, tend to develop the co-called ‘pseudo authority’ - a certain system of private attitudes, standards for well-being and ill-being. As a result, the dearest and beloved ones become nothing more than a way to satisfy ‘pseudo necessities’. 

Getting surrounded by flowers and jewelry, creating the image of external welfare by means of expensive makeup, these girls get into the state when they cannot distinguish any more between the true and fictitious values. But when they feel bad, when they feel hurt and lonely, none of those fancy valuables replaces a homely word, attention, support and love.


Pavel Shangin, 2011